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  1. Inspector Jacques Clouseau ([ʒak klu.zo]) is a fictional character in Blake Edwards's farcical The Pink Panther series. He is portrayed by Peter Sellers in the original series, and also by Alan Arkin in the 1968 film Inspector Clouseau and, in a cameo, by Roger Moore (credited as Turk Thrust II) in the 1983 film Curse of the Pink Panther.In the 2006 remake and its 2009 sequel, he is played by.
  2. The bumbling Inspector Clouseau travels to Rome to catch a notorious jewel thief known as The Phantom before he conducts his most daring heist yet: a princess' priceless diamond with one slight imperfection, known as The Pink Panther
  3. The nutty screen character of French Police Inspector Jacques Clouseau bumbled from modest beginnings in 1963's The Pink Panther to become a beloved motion picture franchise, at times on the same commercial level of popularity as 007 himself, James Bond.Writer-producer-director Blake Edwards created the character with co-writer Maurice Richlin, but it wasn't until actor Peter Sellers found.
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The Staff Interrogatio The semi-final act of the original 1963 Pink Panther film finds Sir Charles Lytton and his nephew George caught red-handed by Inspector Clouseau while trying to steal the titular diamond during a costume ball. This sets off a hilarious chase scene with both Lyttons dressed in ape costumes, each in separate vehicles trying to avoid a pursuit by Clouseau, dressed in a Knight's costume

The Pink Panther is a fictional animated character who appeared in the opening and/or closing credit sequences of every film in The Pink Panther series except for A Shot in the Dark and Inspector Clouseau. In the storyline of the original film, the Pink Panther was the name of a valuable pink diamond named for a flaw that showed a figure of a springing panther when held up to the light in. List of favorite lines from the Pink Panther films Starring Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau. Links, images, video and sound clips. SURVEY RESULTS AS OF AUG 6, 1997 ( 485 entries

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In The Return of the Pink Panther, Dreyfus holds the rank of Chief Inspector (but again becomes insane by the end of the film) which shows Dreyfus straitjacketed in a padded cell, writing Kill Clouseau on the wall (with his toes). In The Pink Panther Strikes Again, It is Titularly Main Protagonist In Curse of the Pink Panther while Clouseau is still away Cato converts the apartment into a museum, displaying disguises of Clouseau's. When Sleigh comes to investigate, Cato mistakes him for an intruder but helps him when this is cleared up. In Son of the Pink Panther Cato does the same for Clouseau's son The funniest Pink Panther quotes. Inspector Clouseau: Does your dog bite? Hotel Clerk: No. Clouseau: [bowing down to pet the dog] Nice doggie. [Dog bites Clouseau in the hand

Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Peter Sellers) hides in a trash can in 'The Pink Panther Strikes Again.' Source: Gerry Images / Bettmann / Contributor. Cool and off kilter, the Pink Panther films, starring Peter Sellers, are the perfect films to take the bite out of the spy craze of the 1960s Als Pink-Panther-Reihe bezeichnet man die US-amerikanischen Spielfilme, die seit 1963 entstanden sind und den Pariser Polizeiinspector Jacques Clouseau zur Hauptfigur haben. Clouseau, als Figur von Regisseur Blake Edwards erfunden, wurde ursprünglich von Peter Sellers gespielt Pink Panther (efekt Clouseau) Blake Edwards patřil na přelomu sedmdesátých let rozhodně ke špičce producentů lehkých společenských komedií z prostředí tzv. high society. Lidí bez starostí žijících od večírku k večírku, bez starostí průměrného občana, rozhodně patřících mezi krásné a úspěšné Tribute to Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther Films. Survey taken of favorite disguises, lines, quotes and scenes. Images stills, video and sound clips from the movie

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Watch The Pink Panther 1963 full movie - Ursula Strauss on Dailymotio The Pink Panther (De roze panter) is een filmserie van de Amerikaanse filmregisseur en scenarist Blake Edwards, waarin onder anderen Peter Sellers de rol van de Franse detective inspecteur Jacques Clouseau speelde. In totaal zijn er elf films gemaakt, met vier verschillende acteurs in de rol van Clouseau. De serie liep van 1963 tot en met 2009

The funniest Pink Panther quotes. In honour of Burt Kwok, who played Cato in the Pink Panther films and who has died at the age of 85, we present Inspector Clouseau's funniest moments Perhaps the funniest Pink Panther film. There's lots of over-the-top slapstick comedy. Features the most glamorous locations in the series - Gstaad and Nice. The scenes with Christopher Plummer are a little dull though. Memorable moments include Clouseau pretending to be a telephone repairman and Dreyfus in the lunatic asylum

En av filmene (The Return of the Pink Panther) ender med at han blir satt i en tvangstrøye og sendt til en celle der han skriver «Drep Clouseau» på veggen ved føttene sine. Dreyfus blir spilt av Herbert Lom i de første filmene, og av Kevin Kline i filmen fra 2006 Simone Clouseau-Lytton is Clouseau's ex-wife and a main antagonist of The Pink Panther 1963 film, along with The Phantom/Sir Charles Lytton. She is also a supporting character in Trail of the Pink Panther and Curse of the Pink Panther. She was portrayed by Capucine. 1 Biography 1.1 The Pink Panther (1963) 1.2 Trail of the Pink Panther (1982) 1.3 Curse of the Pink Panther (1983) 2 Skills 3.

Factory releases a Blu-Ray box set that does justice to the Pink Panther series, with all six features starring Peter Sellers as the bumbling inspector Jacques Clouseau. It includes The Return of the Pink Panther, which was not included in previous Pink Panther DVD box sets (different studio distribution) The Pink Panther: Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau: Den første filmen i Pink Panther serien 1964: Dr. Strangelove: Group Captain Lionel Mandrake / President Merkin Muffley / Dr. Strangelove: Tre roller 1964: The World of Henry Orient : Henry Orient: 1964: A Shot in the Dark: Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau: Oppfølger til Pink Panther: 1965. Steve Martin reprises the role of the world famous bumbling Inspector Jacques Clouseau in this remake of Blake Edwards comedy classic, The Pink Panther. With a strong supporting cast that includes Kevin Kline, Beyonce & Jean Reno, Clouseau finds himself trying to solve the murder & robbery of a famous soccer coach, whose priceless diamond ring known as the Pink Panther was stolen during the crime Aug 8, 2015 - Give me ten men like Clouseau, and I can destroy the world...~Charles Dreyfus Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau (formerly Inspector) aka Pink Panther is a fictional detective in Blake Edwards's Pink Panther series. In most of the films, he was played by Peter Sellers, with one film in which he..

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Inspector Clouseau in The Return of the Pink Panther Having breakfast out the way by 11 is rare for me on a Sunday, but we're in for a treat at that time this weekend When a star soccer coach is murdered and his priceless Pink Panther diamond stolen, France is in an uproar. Fortunately, Inspector Jacques Clouseau is on the case. He doesn't have a clue, but for Clouseau, that's just a minor detail. A stunning pop star, a soccer player, a Chinese assassinwho committed the crime? Clouseau and his partner, Ponton, must unmask the murderer and keep their boss. Pink stays in a haunted hotel on a stormy night. The Pink Panther is the sly, lanky animated cat created by Friz Freleng and David DePatie. The iconic feline..

Directed by Blake Edwards. With Peter Sellers, Herbert Lom, Burt Kwouk, Dyan Cannon. To prove that he still is strong and powerful, Philippe Douvier decides to kill Clouseau. Once news of his death has been announced, Clouseau tries to take advantage of it and goes undercover with Cato to find out who tried to kill him Clouseau has finally received the promotion he has always wanted and he's ready to start living up to his new title by cracking the case of the Pink Panther. Little does he know, the Chief Inspector only intends for Clouseau to be a distraction for the media, while a team of top investigators does the real work The Pink Panther is a 1963 film in which the bumbling Inspector Clouseau travels to Rome to catch a notorious jewel thief known as The Phantom before he conducts his most daring heist yet: a princess' priceless diamond with one slight imperfection, known as The Pink Panther.. Directed by Blake Edwards.Written by Maurice Richlin and Blake Edwards

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The Pink Panther. Add to watchlist Trailer. 7.1 av 10. 88 %Sjanger: Inspektør Jacques Clouseau - et navn som lammer forbrytere med skrekk overalt hvor det uttales - og alle andre også, for den saks skyld! Kanskje skyldes det at hans logiske evner er så utilstrekkelige,. Pink Panther - Inspector Clouseau Theme. Robertcrowton64. 2:35. Trail of the Pink Panther (9_11) Movie CLIP - Clouseau Burns His Hand (1982) HD. smililucy. 3:03. Pink Panther - Inspector Clouseau Theme. Randall Daulton. Trending. Kamala Harris. 1:32. Trump slams Biden, says Harris won't be president The Pink Panther (1963) In Blake Edwards' caper comedy - the first film that introduced the long-running comedy series, about an incomparable, bumbling, inept, trench-coated French police detective, Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Peter Sellers) Pink Panther and Inspector Clouseau. May 19, 2016 Donovan Montierth 1963, 1964, 1968, Comedy, Forgotten Films. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest Messenger Email . The Pink Panther (1963) in the title refers to a magnificent diamond that has a small flaw if looked at under a microscope The Pink Panther is a British-American media franchise primarily focusing on a series of comedy-mystery films featuring an inept French police detective, Inspector Jacques Clouseau. The franchise began with the release of the classic Pink Panther film in 1963. The role of Clouseau was originated by and is most closely associated with Peter Sellers

Movie Pink Panther Peter Sellers Steve Martin Inspector Jacques Clouseau Pink Panther is a story of a world-famous soccer coach that has been murdered and his priceless, ring has been stolen a ring set with the stunning diamond known as the Pink Panther.Lend an ear to some of the movies notable quotes Pink Panther, Peter Sellers, Herbert Lom, Clouseau At a psychiatric hospital, former Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus (Herbert Lom) is largely recovered from his obsession to kill the new Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Peter Sellers) and is about to be released when Clouseau, arriving to speak on Dreyfus' behalf, drives Dreyfus insane again

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The Pink Panther is a film about the bumbling Inspector Clouseau, an entirely lost Inspector who is ridiculously moronic and practically accomplishes nothing throughout most of the movie, until around the ending areas. The cast includes Steve Martin, Kevin Kline, Jean Reno, Emily Mortimer, and Beyoncé Knowles The Pink Panther - Bumbling Inspector Clouseau must solve the murder of a famous soccer coach and find out who stole the infamous Pink Panther diamond Directed by Blake Edwards. With Peter Sellers, Herbert Lom, Lesley-Anne Down, Burt Kwouk. Charles Dreyfus (Herbert Lom), who has finally cracked over Inspector Jacques Clouseau's (Peter Sellers') antics, escapes from a mental institution and launches an elaborate plan to get rid of Clouseau once and for all The Pink Panther er en britisk-amerikansk mediefranchise som først og fremst fokuserer på en serie komedie-mystiske filmer med en udugelig fransk politidetektiv, inspektør Jacques Clouseau.Franchisen begynte med utgivelsen av den klassiske Pink Panther-filmen i 1963. Rollen til Clouseau stammer fra og er mest knyttet til Peter Sellers.De fleste filmene ble skrevet og regissert av Blake. The Return of the Pink Panther is a 1975 comedy film and the fourth film in The Pink Panther series. The film stars Peter Sellers, returning to the role of Inspector Clouseau, for the first time since A Shot in the Dark (1964), after having declined to reprise the role in Inspector Clouseau (1968). The film was a commercial hit and revived the previously dormant series

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The Pink Panther Strikes Again. At a psychiatric hospital, former Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus (Herbert Lom) is largely recovered from his obsession to kill the new Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Peter Sellers) and is about to be released when Clouseau, arriving to speak on Dreyfus' behalf, within minutes drives Dreyfus insane again The Pink Panther is a 1963 American comedy film directed by Blake Edwards and co-written by Edwards and Maurice Richlin, starring David Niven, Peter Sellers, Robert Wagner, Capucine, and Claudia Cardinale. The film introduced the cartoon character of the same name, in an opening credits sequence animated by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises Driven over the edge by the maddeningly incompetent and accident-prone Clouseau, former Chief Inspector Dreyfus commandeers a doomsday device and threatens to destroy the world. His only demand? Clouseau's death! But thanks to his nemesis' dumb luck, the assassins hired to kill him can't seem to finish the job - although Clouseau may do it himself by tripping over his own two feet That famous jewel, The Pink Panther, has once again been stolen and Inspector Clouseau is called in to catch the thief. The Inspector is convinced that 'The Phantom' has returned and utilises all of his resources - himself and his oriental manservant - to reveal the true identity of 'The Phantom' In 2006, after the death of the director, Shawn Levy directed the Pink Panther, the story begins when a precious diamond ring was stolen and a detective named Jacques Clouseau starring Steve Martin to solve the mystery. If you are looking for fun moments with a riddle, be sure to watch this movie and use its fonts

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Sjekk Pink Panther oversettelser til Norsk bokmål. Se gjennom eksempler på Pink Panther oversettelse i setninger, lytt til uttale og lær grammatikk The Birth of an Icon - Pink Panther History. Looking back, The Pink Panther has been around for decades. In fact, the cunning cat first got it's claim to fame back in the early 60s with the release of the comedy-mystery film, The Pink Panther starring Peter Sellers.The opening of the debut film features an animation sequence with the cartoon panther himself accompanied by that famous. The Pink Panther diamond is stolen once again from Lugash and the authorities call in Chief Inspector Clouseau from France. His plane disappears en-route. This time, famous French TV reporter Marie Jouvet sets out to solve the mystery and starts to interview everybody connected to Clouseau Det eneste som mangler i denne DVD-boksen er «Den rosa panteren vender tilbake» («The Return of The Pink Panther») fra 1974, som trolig er utelatt av rettighetsmessige hensyn. Det er synd, for det var Peter Sellers' comeback som inspector Clouseau etter ti års pause

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Just Toys Justoys Bend-Ems Bendems The Pink Panther Inspector Clouseau Figure. $24.99. Free shipping . Pink Panther Alternate Figure of The Man with Blue Paint Palisades Toys 2004. $29.99 + shipping . New Palisades Pink Panther Exclusive Blown-up Inspector Clouseau Action Figure. $24.9 The Pink Panther Synopsis: When the coach of the France soccer team is killed by a poisoned dart in the stadium in the end of a game, and his expensive and huge ring with the diamond Pink Panther disappears, the ambitious Chief Insp. Dreyfus assigns the worst police inspector Jacques Clouseau to the case If you are talking about the newest one out, it is because there was a series of Pink Panther movies in the 1960's, 1970's. The original actor who played inspector Clouseau died and they stopped making the movies Trail was shot concurrently with the Sellers-free Curse Of The Pink Panther (1983), which follows American Clouseau equivalent Clifton Sleigh (Ted Wass) as he searches for original-recipe Clouseau

Pink Panther & Inspector Clouseau Lapel Pins - 2 pins with this listing. £13.79. Almost gone. Pink Panther NICI Plush Toy Stuffed Animal Christmas Doll Gifts Figure 60m. £8.99. 3 left. Lovely Cool The Pink Panther Flake Sticker 50 Pink Black MGM Studios Kids JAPAN. £2.30. 4 left The Pink Panther then drops a statue and its pedestal base on Clouseau, while Clouseau also falls a long way and hits the street hard. The Pink Panther then hits Clouseau with a fish, and then drives over him. He then puts a cartoon bomb down the back of his pants, and it blows up in a cartoon explosion The Pink Panther PG • Family • Comedy • Kids • Movie • 2006 Steve Martin is hilarious as the hapless Jacques Clouseau in this frantic farce centering on the search for a priceless stolen diamond Although the many sequels to 1963's The Pink Panther featured Peter Sellers' bungling Inspector Jacques Clouseau as the lead character, the original film was intended as a vehicle for the.

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The Pink Pantheris a series of comedy films featuring an inept French police detective,Inspector Jacques Clouseau. The series began with the release ofThe Pink Panther(1963). The role of Clouseau was originated by, and is most closely associated with,Peter Sellers. Most of the films were directed and co-written by Blake Edwards, with theme music composed byHenry Mancini. In the films, the Pink. In The Pink Panther 2, Steve Martin garbles his way through another turn as the moronic Inspector Jacques Clouseau. I would say the reprise is ill-advised, but the first outing made a lot of people a lot of money. And idiot peacekeepers are hot again. Before Paul Blart, there was Clouseau. So rather than making too much out of how.

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Pink Panther var navnet på den store diamanten som inspektør Clouseau skulle finne i den første Pink Panther-filmen fra 1963. Virkelighetens Pink Panther har ellers svært lite til felles med. PEZ Pink Panther Bonbons Inspector Clouseau -Austria - NEW. Condition is New. Shipped with USPS First Class. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Shipping and handling. This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options The Pink Panther Theme Inspector Clouseau Pink Panthers Cartoon, pink panther inspector PNG size: 512x512px filesize: 142.38K

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